Importance of LINES in Clothing

Have you ever wondered why is it that we wear formal shirts in office or why do formal shirts have lines which are vertical and not horizontal or diagonal?There are many interesting facts that lie behind this question.The main factor being that horizontal lines have a physiological impact on people.In fact every type of lines have a physiological factor influencing ones thoughts.

PHYSIOLOGICAL EFFECT/REASON: Lines makes the eye to move up and down,side to side,from left to right or right to left or around the garment;maybe straight,curved or bent,horizontal,diagonal,vertical,zig zag or it may be a combination of these directions.Lines actually make the eyes twist and control our brain in such a way that our eyes follow and fix on the design.A thick line conveys strength and alertness,while a thin line implies firmness and stability in ones character.We often find that formal shirts have straight even vertical lines and not horizontal because then it becomes casual and the person wearing this is perceived as not serious.So it is not preferred in most offices and companies.

VERTICAL LINES: usually creates an illusion of height and slimness,when repeated at equal intervals,it can cause the figure to appear taller because the eyes are drawn up and down.
vertical lines

HORIZONTAL LINES: gives one a fuller appearance it tends to cut short the persons height and makes the person look broader and fatter.

horizontal lines
DIAGONAL LINES: may contribute to height or width depending on their angle and length.The long diagonal lines creates a feeling of tallness and short.

diagonal lines
CURVED LINES: this produces the same effect as straight line of similar placement.Curves add beauty to the garment and the tailor’s style like scallops,frills,flounces prove the same.The visual impact is softer and more graceful.These lines are not used in many of the men’s wear because it is more feminine.And it is often used in women’s wear because it shows the gentkeness and gives a smooth look.

ZIG ZAG LINES: this is a mixture of different emotions such as erratic,intense,abrupt,fun,busy,confusinh and diverse.Visually it is the eyecatchin nut someone looking at it cannot define the person’s character because the zigzags creates confusion in one at the sight of it.
zig zag lines

Now,that you have got an idea of lines if you are planning to dress for a formal occasion,then here are some tips that will definitely help you create that perfect first impression.

1. Always wear something that fits you and you are comfortable in.
2. Vertical lines are best office wears especially to impress your boss and others.And it also has a slimming effect on people.
3. Longer sleeves are more preferred for office because short sleeves look casual.

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